We Change Lives at Urban Energy Fitness!

Urban Energy Fitness Boot Camp is a group fitness program designed for everyday people that want to get into shape and improve their fitness.


If you are looking for a great workout and want to get amazing results in fitness and body change then this is the program for you.  Many people think of Boot Camps as a group of crazy people getting whipped into shape by a shaved haired military Sergeant wearing army boots.

Urban Energy Fitness boot Camp program is the longest running on the Gold Coast. While many others ahve started and disapeared. ours has always remaind strong.



Because of our special style of creating sessions suited to all fitness levels that give you a great workout and great results.   No session is ever the same. So you willl never get bored!

We do 2 days a week in the Parklands around Main Beach.



The Cost is $15 per session or 8 weeks for just $220.00