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Functional Fit - Become functionally fitter, leaner and stronger, every day is a great calorie burning work out!


Functional Fit is  a class broken into 2 levels (Fitness and Performance) to suit your current ability and preferred training style.  We combine a large variety of the best movements and exercises that humans were designed to do to be "Functionally Fit" and able.



Functional Fitness suits:

  • Fitness - Beginner & Intermediate athletes
  • Performance -Intermediate -  Advanced athletes


This is our intermediate and beginner programming .  Involving weights, cardio and body weight training.  Constantly varied and simple movements/exercises to learn and master.  Everyday is a great calorie burning workout.  This programming will get you fitter, leaner and stronger.

  • Kettle Bell Swings
  • Squats & lunges, Step ups and Dead Lifts
  • Chest & Shoulder Press movements with Dumbbells and Barbells
  • Pullups or Body Rows
  • Various Abdominal/ Core Exercises
  • Running, Rowing, skipping, Battle Ropes...
  • Plus much much more!!!

We encourage you to work at an intensity you feel comfortable with and progressively build your intensity over time.  Our instructors teach you how to do every exercise before you do it.  (We don't just throw you in the deep end and let you know work it out like is common in many group fitness programs).

Keeping you safe and injury free is out number 1 priority.

All beginners have the option to move into our Performance Programming. However it is not necessary.  You can continue on the Fitness Programming for as long as you like.


If you like CrossFit or want to learn more about it.  This program is for you.  Our Performance program is based around SAFE CrossFit techniques combined with our own Functional Fitness Twist.

It is Functionally varied Training performed at High Intensity...... SAFELY!!!!!

Our coaches are Certified CrossFit instructors with many years experience in fitness and sports.

We prescribe our programming carefully, so as to avoid injury and over training.  Traditional CrossFit training has been associated with these problems.  Being a former CrossFit Gym for 5 years, in 2015 we unaffiliated from CrossFit.   We took the best of the techniques and have put it into a Functionally Safer Version - We call it Function Fit.

We teach you safe progressions for these exercises to keep you injury free. 

Learning these exercises is like learning a martial art.  It is very rewarding improving not only  your fitness, but becoming a more skilled 'athlete' as you go.   You may never have thought of yourself as an athlete.  But we'll have you moving like one....and  you'll love it.

One of the best aspects of the Performance Program is the mind shift from only training to lose weight, tone up or gain muscle... to a new much healthier and more rewarding focus on improving your performance.  By shifting your focus to performance, you will natually WANT to train more and eat healthy, nutritious foods. From here your goals will happen.


So why not take the first step toward your new HEALTHY, fit, strong body?

book in for a 2 Week Trial for just $29.

We look forward to meeting you,

Coach Shane Dykstra and the Urban Energy Team

We promise you a happy, encouraging environment to train in everyday!

 Coach Shane (left) trained 11 x Heavy Weight Muay Thai Champion, Nathan Corbett to his last 3 World titles.

Coach Shane (left) trained 11 x Heavy Weight Muay Thai Champion, Nathan Corbett to his last 3 World titles.