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Come on in and give us a go.

You can come to as many classes as you want over the 2 weeks, and experience our body transforming workouts for yourself.

It’s a great way for you to see what we do… a great way for you to get a feel for the place… and a great way to meet the other members.

Imagine this…

Working out in a team environment where people are encouraging of each other. Everyone does the same workout at the same time.

Yeah it’s a lot of fun.

The energy is high, and you’ll push yourself to new levels, that’s how you get fast results.

What’s more…

There’s no ego’s in the room, and no mirrors for people to pose in front of.

You’ll just find great people like yourself working out, transforming their body.

And please take note…

Your Fitness Level Does Not Matter

It does not matter where you’re at right now fitness wise, because we’ll take care of you.

Each class has people of all different fitness levels and strength levels in it. Your coach will show you what to do and take care of you.

Fact is…

Anyone who’s determined to transform their body can do the workouts.


What kind of great people choose to workout at Urban Energy Fitness:

-              Mums

-              Dads

-              Police officers

-              Girlfriends

-              Boyfriends

-              Surfers

-              Brothers

-              Sisters

-              Chef’s

-              Teachers

-              And more


People just like you.

Men and women who want get in incredible shape, feel unstoppable and look great workout with us.

So what are you still doing reading this?

Here’s What You’ll Want To Do Next: 

Purchase your 2 week trial then come on in and get started.

The only way to find out if you’ll love the results you’ll get, is to come on in and see for yourself. 


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We look forward to meeting you.


Shane Dykstra