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Urban Energy SurfFit & GromFit are for anyone who loves to surf and recognises the need to improve their fitness in the water and would like to take their surfing up a few notches.

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Urban Surf Fit Gym is a training facility designed specifically for surfers to get fit and improve their surfing.  

Whether you’re an everyday surfer of any age, an up and coming ripper or a professional surfer you will benefit from our programs.

Head Coach Shane Dykstra has been a fitness trainer for over 17 years. He is an expert at designing programs for people of all levels. His number one passion is surfing. 

Shane has designed 3 levels of program:

Surf fit

This program is for any surfer who recognizes the need to improve their fitness in the water and would like to take their surfing up a few notches. Shane uses specific exercises to target key areas of the body that improve all aspects of surfing from better paddle endurance to help you get more waves and get into waves faster & deeper through to better balance, speed and power for faster take offs, stronger turns and less wipeouts :)

 "After just 4 Surf Fit classes I could already feel the improvements in every aspect of my surfing. I was paddling better, making more drops because of the speed training we do. I felt so much fitter paddling out and wasn’t concerned nearly as much getting a few sets on the head. On top of this I’ve lost a few Kgs now I’ve started and I’m loving the variety in the workouts. "--  Gavin Mullin


grom fit

This program is designed for keen groms that love to surf, and really want to surf better. Main focuses here are on getting groms stronger which will reate more power. Strength will positively affect every aspect of a groms surfing, from paddling, to duck diving to everything they do on the wave. There’s also a strong focus on Balance and Agility. This program is super fun, groms love it!

"I love Grom Fit. It’s so much fun. After just a few sessions I felt I could catch waves better and I felt much more confident if I got held down by a wave. I wasn’t even scared."  --  Seth – 11 years old

I can see the difference in my surfers in the water after just a few sessions.  They’re getting up faster and with better foot position, surfing far more powerfully and not falling off where they used too.” -- Mark Richardson (Australian Over 35s Surfing Champion 2015. Elite Surf Coach - Surfing Services on the Gold Coast 


Pro Fit

The Pro Fit program is designed for surfers that really want to surf to the best of their ability! Many if not all top WSL Surfers do specific training to better their surfing. Urban Surf Gym has the tools and the programs to get you to your next level.

Most high level surfers are already fairly fit due to lots of time in the water. What is lacking however is often strength & power through the legs and more. Improving this is one key to reaching new levels of performance in the water. Next is flexibility, agility, speed and balance. Practicing specific balance and speed exercises out of the water is highly transferable to surfing. We have all sorts of equipment including mini tramps to practice airs and rotations. 

I began training with Shane 1 on 1 to prepare me for the Qld Surfing Championships. I won this and then went on to win the Over 35s Australian Championships. Shane helped me improve my overall surf fitness, paddle power, core strength and strengthen an old hamstring injury that was affecting my surfing.”

I also enlisted Shane to run a weekly session for my SuperGroms Surf Coaching Squad. The difference in strength achieved in just a few weeks in the gym and how visible it was in their surfing is incredible.” -- Mark Richardson – Richo - 5 x Australian Surf Champion.



Urban Surf Fit has partnered with Surfing Services Australia. Richo surf coach offers some of the best learn to surf and high performance surf coaching programs in Australia. Working closely with Shane at Urban Surf Fit together helping their surfers achieve being their optimal. 



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Shane Dykstra

Ph: 0414 456 696

Email: shane@urbanenergyfitness.com.au