Surf Coaching Clinic

Hey legends,

If You Love Surfing And Want To Improve Your Surfing….

Urban Surf Fit Gym Currumbin is hosting a Surf Coaching Technique workshop for everyday surfers this  Saturday at Currumbin Beach Front at 730am.

Elite Surf Coach and current and 5 x Australian Champion, ex WQS surfer Mark Richardson will be teaching us how to get the most out of our surfing every time we hit the water.

I personally have been receiving coaching from Richo for about 3 months and it literally has changed the way I surf.

You will learn the fundamentals of good surf technique. Everything from how to read the banks, which waves to choose to surf your best, where to sit in the line up, where to take off.

How to paddle using Richo’s 3 speed technique, plus the pop up technique you must know that will totally change your surfing performance.

Not only that you’ll learn all about the fundamentals of surfing such as how to do effectively  bottom turns that get you surfing in the pocket like a pro instead of scooting across the face like an amateur.

You’ll also learn the best forehand and backhand body and arm positions for barrels, and generating speed and cranking out powerful big turns!!!!

If this doesn’t excite you, no probs. You’re probably already a really high level surfer. If you’re not a high level surfer (eg. you have been given a sticker on your board from someone other than your mate) then you will absolutely love this workshop. I guarantee it.

You will take so much away from it to work on.

After Workshop Level 1 we will progress to Workshop Level 2 early in the new year.

If you can’t make the Level 1 session this time we will run it again in the near future.

In 2016 Urban Surf Gym is going to be hosting a series of workshops.

This is just the beginning legends… but remember you have to have the fundamentals first.

Come down this Saturday at 730am and lets undo some BAD HABITS and replace them with GOOD FUNCTIONAL SURF TECHNIQES.

Don't forget to BRING YOUR BOARD!!!!!!!

Meet in front of the beach shack café on the grass. Look out for me. Coach Shano.

Please call or SMS Shane on 0414 456 696 to book in. Friends are welcome.

Coast $25

Please note this Workshop is for anyone over the age of 15. We will be running a Groms workshop in January.

Happy Surfing Team

Coach Shano

PS. If you haven't been to a class for a while, I'd love to see you back. Tuesday and Thursdays are pumping. I'm also doing a Saturday session at 930am now.

Get your Surf Fitness up for the Summer swells. Now's the time to start. Get off the couch and get in the gym!!!!

If time is your excuse, come and jump into one of our Surf Fit Combo classes. We've got plenty of times available to get you SURF FIT!!

 Richo sharing the secrets of surfing most people never workout.  

Richo sharing the secrets of surfing most people never workout.  

 The boys getting board advice. Many people are surging the wrong equipment. 

The boys getting board advice. Many people are surging the wrong equipment.