But Functional Training is really hard? Why YOU should train at Urban Energy Fitness

 Start together, finish together #urbancrew

Start together, finish together #urbancrew

Do you only lift heavy dumbbells or pound the treadmill at the gym? Are you tired of sitting next to bench hogs or selfiequeens? Do you really want to watch your muscles flex in the mirror? Is it your first time exercising?

By now you would have heard of how dangerous CrossFit is or how hard Functional Training is or even that you’re going to suddenly turn into the incredible hulk overnight if you lift heavy!!

If you look at CrossFit, yeah sure Injuries in CrossFit have escalated over the years but let’s face it injuries exist in all training modalities, therefore the sport itself is not dangerous, prevention is in education of correct movement and working to your ability not lifting like the green guy we mentioned in the last paragraph!

What is most important to training, above all else and what we believe in, is that you should always maintain and develop your range of movement as this will help prevent injury, some of which can be long term.

So why train at Urban Energy Fitness? Well why not? Firstly you don’t just join a gym you become a part of our crew, your name matters to us. Plus you’re never going to get bored with a fun mix of weights, body weight & cardiotraining and the best part is you get it all done in one hit every session!

Stop freaking out if you haven’t trained before or not for a long time, the amazing coaches at Urban will run you through your technique and ensure your on track to a killer workout that feels good to you and right for your body and most importantly become one of the crew. Make sure you get your high 5 at the end of your session!

You will learn some crazy acronyms such as EMOM, AMRAP & WOD but never fear it all sounds scarier than it actually is, and if you give it a chance you’ll see how fun it really is.

Why not take advantage of the trial offer of only $29.00 for two weeks and bring out your inner athlete. Surely your health is worth more to you than $2.07 per day … geez you can’t even buy a coffee for that today!

One question for the road, what’s stopping you from changing your life? What do you have to lose?

Join the #urbancrew and find your happy place.