Shane Dykstra & Matt Haapu

Urban Energy Fitness is a functional cross training fitness facility. We offer group and individual coaching, utilizing a mix of weight training, body weight & cardio training. 

Our workouts are comprised of constantly varied functional movements (like pushing, pulling, squatting, lifting, running, rowing and much more)

We understand everyone has individual goals and training preferences. The most important thing is you are doing a form of training that feels good to you and right for your body.

Our Classes

Here at Urban Energy Fitness we offer 3 different types of training. 

Functional Fit - Blast your central nervous system with the most thrilling, satisfying training imaginable.    

Box FIT - These workouts will rapidly burn the jiggly stuff and make your metabolism go off like a firecracker.     


If you are looking for a great workout and want to get amazing results in fitness and body change then this is the program for you.    Read More

Urban Surf Fit Gym is a training facility designed specifically for surfers to get fit and improve their surfing.      Read More